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Mentawai Tattoo Revival

Durga doing Mentawai Tattoo Revival project almost single handily as a non-commercial project to help the tradition and culture of Mentawai tribe in the Mentawai islands on the coast of West Sumatra-Indonesia arise again.

MENTAWAI TATTOO REVIVAL is a collaboration project of Durga with Rahung Nasution (Indonesian freelance video maker,  tattoo freaks and enthusiast). We are also working on the documentary movie as a part of the tattoo project which is about traditional tattoo and the tattooing culture in Mentawai tribe in Indonesia, Mentawai Shamanism and the vanishing of "Arat Sabulungan" as the nature religion of Mentawai tribe which have been eliminated by oppression in the reason of assimilation, civilization and politics by Indonesian governments and recent religions in Indonesia.
Starting to help the Mentawai people and Mentawai Shamans to continue and to finish their tattoos and help to reanimate the tattoo tradition in Mentawai, trying to motivate the young generation of Mentawai to continue the tattoo tradition.


The documnetary videos of Mentawai Tattoo Revival, other videos of Mentawai project, Mentawai life, traditional tattooing, etc please check on :



Documentation pictures of Mentawai Tattoo Revival:

Mentawai Tattoo Revival 3:


Mentawai Tattoo Revival 2:


Mentawai Tattoo Revival 1: