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Work Process & Procedures

What you need to prepare prior to a tattoo consultation:

  • Find out and follow our schedules on this website.,
  • Prepare your idea, concept of the kind of tattoo that you wish to have.
  • Prepare and bring with you some reference materials, pictures or texts.
  • A tattoo consultation is an important session between client and the artist to get to know each other.  We would like to get to know you better, as a client, so that we can provide tattoo design solution. Especially for a custom tattoo, it would need to represent uniqueness and right image of client’s personal idea/need.
  • We will proceed with designing the tattoo after agreement on estimated total cost.
  • Original tattoo design will be the right and proprietary of Durga Tattoo and client could not obtain original or copy, before or after the tattoo process.
  • Tattoo session will be scheduled and secured with a deposit fee.
  • Distant consultation via E-Mail is always possible.
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email will be registered in our database.


ETHICS and PROCESS – some points you need to know:

  • Sufficient rest and sleep a day prior to the tattoo process.  You need to have a fit physical condition.
  • The tattoo studio is FREE from alcohol, mariyuana or other prohibited drugs and substances.
  • If you are under any influenced of the substances mentioned in point 2, do re-schedule your appointment until you are fully sober!
  • Do not be under alcohol influence or other prohibited drugs and substance minimal 48 hours prior to tattooing.  These substances will only dilute your blood.  You will be exerting blood during tattooing and the tattoo ink will be difficult to interject into your dermis, which is the second layer of your epidermis.  Alcohol or other prohibited drugs and substances will not reduce your pain.
  • Sufficient food intake prior to the tattoo process.  Since it will take quite some time to do the tattoo, it will be important for you to have proper nutrition.  Bring with you some snack, bread, fruit, sweets or drinks.
  • It is recommended NOT to ask a group of your friends to accompany you to the tattoo shop.  The studio is not a place for your hang out. It is indeed a place to work in a hygienic area, which requires concentration and comfort.
  • It is advisable NOT to ask children to a tattoo studio without prior notice.  There are too many influence and substances which are not suitable for children, besides that it is a working place for adults.  Children can also be an influence to divert your attention, also the artists’ and other clients.
  • Let your tattoo artist know if:
    a. You feel dizzy or nausea, so that he/she can react immediately.  Your artist has been trained and understand on how to handle, as well as equipped with First Aid Kit.
    b. You feel anxious prior to the tattoo process.  Your artist will work together with you and assist as much as possible to reduce the uncomfortable feelings.
    c. Your medical record or condition, such as pregnancy, illness or under certain medications.